Prepare yourself for success at Kaplan University

Getting off to a good start is easy — just follow these steps

Kaplan University wants to help you start your education with the tools you need to be successful — and reach your personal and professional goals. Follow our step-by-step guide and complete each item on the Success Checklist and you'll be ready to start your classes.

1. Get computer-ready

To avoid classroom problems later, be sure your hardware and software are up-to-date. Specifically:
  • To learn more about hardware and software requirements, check out the "Resources" section at the bottom of the KU Campus home page. Look under the "Documents" tab and download the "Software and Hardware Requirements" document.
  • To see if there are any computer issues that need to be addressed, run the automated system check located under "My Tools" on your KU Campus home page.

I have met the basic computer hardware and software requirements for my classes

I have run the automated online system check

I am proficient with Microsoft® Office Word, PowerPoint®, and Excel®


2. Log in to and explore the KU Campus

I have logged in to KU Campus and explored the site in detail

I have reviewed the online FAQs and am familiar with key policies and procedures

KU Campus is the central portal for all Kaplan University online classroom activities and resources. Your log in information was emailed to you when you enrolled. As soon as you can, log in, read the FAQs located under “Help,” and explore the site in detail. This is one of the best ways to get familiar with the navigation, learn about key policies and procedures, and prepare for your first classes.


3. Take the Campus Tour

I have completed the Campus Tour

Be sure to complete the Campus Tour, an interactive learning tool located under "My Tools" on the KU Campus home page. It will help you understand the basics of the Kaplan University classroom in about 15 minutes.


4. Complete your Readiness Assessment

I have completed my Academic Readiness Assessment (if required)

If this is your first college experience, be sure to complete the Academic Readiness Assessment. Admissions sent you a link after you enrolled. If you have not yet received the link, contact your Admissions Advisor right away.


5. Finalize your financial arrangements

My financial arrangements are final

Make sure you’ve secured all necessary financing and submitted all the finance-related documents you need to enroll. Then double-check under “My Accounts” on KU Campus to confirm that your transactions are complete and that all of your documents are in order. Likewise, be sure you understand and agree with all of your school-related financial responsibilities. And don’t neglect to get any questions you may have answered by calling Kaplan University’s Financial Aid office at 866.458.2008.


6. Call the Education Advising Team and get registered for classes

I have been in touch with the Education Advising Team

I am registered for classes

The Education Advising Team is responsible for registering you for classes. If you are not already registered, be sure to call them as soon as possible to introduce yourself and get registered. The Education Advising Team is your primary “go-to” resource whenever you need help. You can reach them by calling Kaplan University at 866.522.7747.


7. Make sure you've received your textbooks

I have access to my textbooks

You should receive your textbooks or have access to them in the KU Campus. If you don’t, be sure to contact the First Term Support Team.


8. Set up an AOL® Instant Messenger (AIM)® account

Go to to set up a free AIM account today. This is a must. It is the primary way you'll communicate with your instructor.


9. Read the syllabus for each class and introduce yourself

I have read the syllabus for each class (available as soon as classes begin)

I have sent an email to introduce myself to each of my instructors

It's important to read the syllabus for each class as soon as classes begin. You can access the syllabus from within each course listed under "My Classes" on your KU Campus home page. It covers specific class requirements and provides contact information and office hours for your instructor. Once you've read it, introduce yourself to each of your instructors with an email describing your background and special interests.


10. Organize your schedule

I have created a weekly class and study schedule

I know the deadline for adding or dropping classes

The time and effort you put into organizing your schedule is one of the best investments you can make. You should refer to the Academic Calendar located in the "Resources" section under the "Documents" tab on the KU Campus home page, develop a detailed schedule for yourself, and allow a minimum of 8 to 10 hours per week of study time for each class. Also be sure to note deadlines for dropping and adding classes.


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